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Leveraging radiopharmaceutical development experience and applying it to targeted radiotherapeutics


Targeted radiopharmaceutical therapies can be used to treat cancer through the use of cancer-targeting molecules. These molecules incorporate a therapeutic dose of radiation within their structure.

These cancer-targeting molecules are able to selectively associate with cancer cells, by binding to receptors that are expressed in high amounts on those cells.

This enables precise delivery of radiation to the cancer cells and kills them.


How does targeted radiopharmaceutical therapy work?

Prostate Cells

More information about our pre-clinical work into the development of therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals can be found here:

Diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals

Cancer-targeting molecules can also be used as a diagnostic to identify the location of cancer using positron emission tomography (PET) medical imaging. These diagnostic procedures are frequently used before treating with a therapeutic radiation dose. Please see the website of our sister company, Blue Earth Diagnostics, for more information on diagnostic imaging radiopharmaceuticals.

Diagnostic Radiopharmaceutical Diagram

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